The internationally renowned business (swah-rey) wanted to showcase their desert bar with content that reflected their brand.

By seamlessly integrating relevant keywords within the copy, we crafted a powerful customer-centric story to share the modest origins of (swah-rey) and its rise to success.

Snippets From…

“Our Story”

Behind The Name

Who doesn’t love the sultry sophistication that the French language offers? Inspired by the French word ‘soirée’, meaning a party or reception held in the evening, the word embodied the values and mission of Leslie Ann’s dessert bar. With some creativity, the phonetic spelling of the French word, (swah-rey), became the obvious choice for the dessert bar’s name. 

With an endless and equal love for both celebrations and cake, Leslie Ann believes there’s a reason to celebrate each and every day. (swah-rey) provides the perfect place to do so, with deliciousness to devour and the ideal setting to match.

Our Mission

On a day like any other, a woman searched for homemade desserts to satisfy her sweet cravings. Driving throughout the entire Tampa Bay Area, her search was met with dissatisfaction upon realising the handmade delicacies she was looking for simply did not exist.

And so, (swah-rey) was born. 

Providing a solution to Leslie Ann’s cravings, (swah-rey) is much more than a place to satisfy your sweet tooth.