Why A Content Writing Service Is Key To Any Successful Marketing Strategy?

The power of language should never be underestimated. Humans have long been connected by communication. Stories have helped humanity to evolve, to understand their reality and to interpret their future. Storytelling is what our civilisation has been founded on.

Content writing marks a new form of storytelling gaining traction and being popularised in the digital age we now live in. That’s why content writing is key to the success of any business.

However, with the ability to access more information than ever before, the quality of content we’re consuming is also reaching an all-time low. Content creation is fuelled by listless, superficial stories, sensationalised ideas and fact-less news.

It’s important to understand what content writing services are enable an effective content marketing strategy. That’s why we’re exploring what those content writing services are and how your brand can implement them to share stories that matter. In doing so, your brand becomes one underpinned by trust, value and success.

As Scott Brown cleverly explained in Wired Magazine,

“…we are gathered here today to mourn the death of Story. As you may have heard, it’s kaput — or, at the very least, terminally ill, wracked by videogames, wikis, recaps, talkbacks, YouTube, ADD, and the rise of a multiplatform, multipolar, mashup-media culture. … Beginnings, middles, and ends are headed for the attic, next to the box marked VCR Rewinders/Beastmaster Franchise.”

Brown’s article suggests Hollywood needs a new model for storytelling. The suggestion rings true for content creation across all media platforms on a global level. Understanding how to craft meaningful narratives with literary skill is no easy task. However, that’s the role of a successful content writer. Whilst some may suggest the role of content writing simply requires word vomit about any given topic, the opposite is true.

Consumers of content are more intelligent and savvy than that. They’re looking for quality, insight and new perspective and if your content writing services don’t provide that, they will look elsewhere. So let’s dive in to explore what these services are and how your content writing can create powerful stories to help your brand establish itself as a trusted and loved name.

To start things off, take a look at this info graphic to see why content writing services and digital marketing is a must for businesses.


Content Writing Increases Social Media Engagement

A successful content marketing strategy uses social media to build brand awareness and increase customer engagement. Yours should do the same. Whilst social media can seem like an overwhelming minefield to navigate, the rewards are well-worth the effort required to master these platforms.

If you write a blog, share your articles on your social media platforms. That’s a simple way to start building brand awareness and increasing engagement.

Think of social media as a speaker phone. The more social media platforms you work with, the further your message can travel, the more likely it is to be heard on a global level and the more power you have to scale up.

That’s why when it comes to content marketing services, making the most of all that social media has to offer is key. View these platforms as allies, rather than enemies. There’s also an incredible selection of social media management softwares ready to help you such as Buffer and Loomly.

Offer Valuable Content Writing To Establish A Loyal Community

Consumers of content are savvy. They know when they’re reading subjective, bias and persuasive text. If there’s an agenda to your copy, the sales will seep through the words. Regardless of the value you’re providing, the story is undermined by the pursuit of profit driving it.

On the other hand, if you’re simply writing content to make noise and there’s no research, objectiveness or purpose behind your copy, the integrity of your content is jeopoardised. This also has a negative compound effect on your brand because the content you write is directly associated with the values of your business.

That’s why providing valuable information is a must when it comes to essential content writing services. Make sure your content, whether in a blog form or e-book, offers valuable insights to the reader. They should be able to take something away by engaging with your content.

For example, a full-proof recipe is a clear way of providing valuable content. There’s an actionable result that the reader can take from your content; they can make a delicious recipe which they otherwise wouldn’t have known without your content. As a result, they’re likely to look to your brand for more great content. This point also feeds into the next fundamental content writing service; increasing customer retention.


Increase Customer Retention With Killer Content

By providing your customers with content that adds value, they’re far more likely to return to your content and, your brand. Valuable content creation means you can increase customer retention and establish a loyal clientele that trusts in you and your brand.

The principle is simple. Provide content that adds to your customers life according to the niche you’re working with, repeat the process extensively through a variety of media platforms (such as blog posts, videos and info graphics) and you’ll retain customers. Voila! You’re now finding new clients whilst also retaining past clients, building your brand by using the right content writing services.

Convert Readers Into Customers With Call-To-Actions

Call-to-actions should be a part of your content marketing plan; no excuses. They’re the bridge between your customer and the service you’re offering. Without a call-to-action, there’s a barrier disabling your reader from becoming a customer.

Whenever you can, in a natural and organic way, provide call-to-actions within your content. Whether that’s a simple sentence at the end of an article or a button on a website such as ‘Let’s Get Started,’ one of the most important content writing services when it comes to sales is ensuring your content employs lead generation. How do you achieve lead generation? With call-to-actions. It’s that simple!

The Content Writing Services Verdict:

These content writing services are integral to any successful content marketing strategy. By implementing them within your approach, you’ll be sure to create content that encourages positive engagement, increases customer service and establishes a loyal following. In doing so, your brand can gain recognition and continue to do whatever it is that you do best. Whether that’s selling reusable water bottles or launching a tech start-up, using these content writing services is a must!

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