Slide What made one of history's most successful problem solvers unique? keyboard_arrow_down

Slide With the rise of the internet, and it’s globally eye-opening effect, it’s more obvious than ever that business owners, executives and employees are using problem solving to stand in the spotlight of success.

Slide Albert Einstein.

A famous German-born scientist that brings most minds to his Nobel Prize, his mass-energy formula E=mc2 (often dubbed "the world's most famous equation"), or his general theory of relativity which would go on to revolutionise physics.

However, this is not the reason I regard him as one of the most fascinating problem solvers out there. The wisdom of Albert Einstein goes way beyond his scientific achievements.

Slide Einstein was regarded as a modest man, and whilst most people would say he was born a genius, attributing his success to his high IQ, the man himself attributed his talent to his curiosity and imagination.

Slide He valued both of them higher than knowledge, and thought that a true sign of intelligence wasn’t about knowledge at all, but rather, imagination. He believed that the only source of true knowledge was through experience.

Slide His focus on simplicity was one of the main principles he lived by. Whilst his skills in physics was renowned, he firmly believed everything that can be counted, didn’t necessarily count.

Slide Likewise, that everything that counts, cannot necessarily be counted. He believed in being a giver and that a life lived for others is a life worth living.